Tells the love of a Mother for a tenacious son. He took everything within her and squandered it. But then there was nothing left for her husband, other children, or even herself. Her family wondered, ‘What had happened?’ In the midst of this she discovered a God who would not let her go and who carried her through the worst bit of it. She discovered a love for this son that was buried deep within her, which caused her to not let go of him. And in so doing, this demonstration of unconditional love caused her to turn her son around, strengthened the family unit, and brought the prodigal son back home.


Herein lies a life-lesson for parents, professionals, pastors and young people. It really doesn’t matter how far your children fall, they can come back. You do not have to lose your mind in the process! 

My Story... But then is it really my story? (eBook)

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