We can say that 98% of our children are doing really well being successful members of society whilst the 2% which are regularly in the over sensationalised news and the subject of news headlines are not.


A natural tendency is that we all tend to focus on the negative first and overlook the good. We oftentimes focus on the over-sensationalising of the people who are being killed, shot, knifed/stabbed or maimed or put in prison.


When we have more than one child we need to navigate crisis intervention so that they are aware that we will be there for all of them in their time of need but that it is necessary to focus on the one most in need for a short period of time while keeping a watchful eye over the others.  Even Jesus did the same, he left the 99 to go after the one.  Which is what we did in the first book.  Now in this second book continuing from where the first book left off, we had to go after the Older brother.


In 'He Came Back' we had to leave our other children to go after the Older Brother just like in the Parable of the Prodigal Son. I had to put myself in the shoes of the Father when his oldest son reacted to his reaction to welcoming back his younger son who had been lost but was now found.  


In 'He Came Back' we had to deal with the outbursts from our older son, cutting us off on social media, and then I had to deal with what was an eruption of feelings  and words, which had been kept under wraps as he fought to emerge from the shadows, from dumbing-it down, and what he thought was not being recognised in his own right.  Through pain and trauma, we crossed the bridge to acknowledging guilt, moving beyond pain, to healing and restoration.  

He Came Back (eBook)

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