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Providing a Voice for Hurting Mothers

Margaret Bankole is a Christian minister and social advocate who specialises in helping people heal emotionally and overcome traumatic experiences. 


She is a Barrister by profession and has been practising law for over 30 years. 


She is married to Pastor Tawa Bankole, her husband of 31 years and they have 4 children. Together they pastor an Assemblies of God Church in Forest Gate, London.  They both lead the Married Couples Fellowship, an initiative that has spanned over a period of 22 years and is geared towards helping young and old couples gain their footing in marriage. 


She is driven by her desire to come alongside and help people through emotionally challenging situations. She achieves this through annual conferences, seminars and retreats aimed at families and single people alike. 


As a certified counsellor, she provides guidance with Godly wisdom to people in need. As a social advocate, she campaigns with charities and government projects to end gang violence. 

She is the author of the award-winning 'My story… but then is it really my story?’ and also the highly anticipated ‘ He Came Back', she aims to change lives and provide hope to families through her own experience as a mother of siblings with differences.

She delivered a powerful speech on the current social-economic issue and the ongoing violence amongst our youth in the House of Commons alongside Rev. Al Sharpton and Diane Abbott MP.

Her award-winning work has seen her appear on various TV and radio programmes such as Sky News, TBN, BEN TV, Revelation TV, Premier radio and more

Isaiah 61:4 

They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated; they will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations.

He Came Back...


The Highly Anticipated New Book

by Margaret Bankole

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"This book is a panacea for the intractable dysfunction in the African Caribbean community. I know this will not be the only solution but it definitely fills a vacuum."


Co-Founder of the Mind Cafe

"We came to last Mcf retreat in 2019,

We had three children then and one of the way. We were not in a good place when we came and so we separated soon after the retreat, but I remembered hearing the testimony which the Pastor shared about how he and his wife separated but they came back together. They are Pastors (they weren't when they separated) but if they can come back together, then we can too, and that is what happened. We are now happily bringing up our four children together."

- A 


Hello Aunty I was just like to share my testimony of the impact from attending the married couples retreat. We were invited by Sis Paula whom we have known for Many years. I looked forward to it because it would be our first time attending this type of event.   We didn't know what to expect. The event turned out to be exactly what we needed in that season. We were going through a  very tough stage in our marriage and we did not know what to do. We were at the stage of separation. Being at the event with other married couples hearing their testimonies gave us  so much hope. We were moved by how they overcame, they shared with complete transparency, they taught us the importance of prayer and many other principles that helped their marriage. We also shared, we cried and you all  comforted us with your words of wisdom. Thanks be to God years on and we are now in a better place. We are happily married, using the wisdom from you all, working on our marriage daily with Christ at the center We are truly greatful for this event. God bless you and your Husband and your ministry it has truly bless our lives. I look forward to the next one ❤

My husband said that his event was amazing. He loved being with other married men and hearing how they dealt with things. He said he felt supported, he felt safe that he could really open up and share this for him was an amazing and new experience.

Amanda & Dwyane


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