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He Came Back...


The Highly Anticipated New Book

by Margaret Bankole

Providing a Voice for Hurting Mothers

Margaret Bankole is a Christian minister and social advocate who specialises in helping people heal emotionally and overcome traumatic experiences. 


She is a Barrister by profession and has been practising law for over 30 years. 


She is married to Pastor Tawa Bankole, her husband of 31 years and they have 4 children. Together they pastor an Assemblies of God Church in Forest Gate, London.  They both lead the Married Couples Fellowship, an initiative that has spanned over a period of 22 years and is geared towards helping young and old couples gain their footing in marriage. 


She is driven by her desire to come alongside and help people through emotionally challenging situations. She achieves this through annual conferences, seminars and retreats aimed at families and single people alike. 


As a certified counsellor, she provides guidance with Godly wisdom to people in need. As a social advocate, she campaigns with charities and government projects to end gang violence. 

She is the author of the award-winning 'My story… but then is it really my story?’ and also the highly anticipated ‘ He Came Back', she aims to change lives and provide hope to families through her own experience as a mother of siblings with differences.

She delivered a powerful speech on the current social-economic issue and the ongoing violence amongst our youth in the House of Commons alongside Rev. Al Sharpton and Diane Abbott MP.

Her award-winning work has seen her appear on various TV and radio programmes such as Sky News, TBN, BEN TV, Revelation TV, Premier radio and more

Isaiah 61:4 

They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated; they will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations.


"This book is a panacea for the intractable dysfunction in the African Caribbean community. I know this will not be the only solution but it definitely fills a vacuum."


Co-Founder of the Mind Cafe

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    A new digital/online direction involving drama, comedy, music and talking therapy focusing on Parental concerns and trauma.
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    MEETING ID: 938 592 9613 PASSWORD: 060021
    A new digital/online direction involving drama, comedy, music and talking therapy focusing on Children concerns and trauma; Parental concerns and trauma.
Training and Development

Margaret really opened our eyes to the mindsets of today's youth on the streets.


Beyond telling my story, how can I help you?


We believe that the change the society needs starts with the individual, you. Margaret Bankole delivers training ranging from half-day awareness raising to two and three-day professional development retreats. 


We offer practical skills courses for parents who are worried or have children that have been affected by gun and knife violence. 


The professionals we train may encounter gang-affected young people in their day-to-day lives, so they are more able and confident to offer support to parents and young people. 


We are also working in prisons to offer offenders confidence to help change behaviour and thinking towards criminal activity.




A practical skills course for parents



An intensive and practical one-day training session that raises awareness and provides support to parents who may be worried about their children or are living with children affected by gun and knife crime. The workshop includes first-hand testimony, research context relevant to gang-affected youth, understanding the roles and complexities of young people in gangs, interactive exercises and introduction to practical tools for parents to engage and help their children affected by gun and knife crime.


Topics Include: 

  • Fighting & Winning 

  • Unconditional Love 

  • How to Avoid the ‘Revolving Door’? 

  • Don’t give up! 


Click here for more information.



One-day training course for professionals to provide support to parents



This course introduces professionals to a training programme that improves the skills of practitioners so they are more able and confident to support parents in pain and trauma who are affected by gang culture.  


This course offers an in-depth understanding that speaks to Parents in Pain as well as offering tools and techniques for practice to support the parents to participate in efforts to prevent gun and knife crime. 


The day combines trainer-led presentations, participatory exercises, group discussions and case studies. As well as understanding the research and policy context. This training can be extended to offer a more in-depth understanding.


Click here for more information.




One-day Practical Skills Course equipping men and women to reintegrate within society



An intensive and practical one-day training programme delivered in prisons that improves the skills set of offenders so they are more able and confident to help change and form behaviour and thinking towards gun and knife crime and criminal activity by looking at the impact on mothers, fathers, siblings and wider society in general.


The course is broken down into four modules: 

  • Practical Tools - Equipping men and women with Practical Tools to reintegrate within society.

  • Thought processes - Developing the Thought Processes of these men and women transforming their Thinking Skills, their Emotional and state of Mental Health 

  • History Enrichment - Giving people the Confidence to excel by knowing their history and working on their future

  • 3 M’s Money Made Motivation - Find fulfilment in themselves and recognising their ability to prosper by learning How to make money legitimately.


A free book will be given to offenders as part of a  ‘Recommended Reading programme’ 


Click here for more information.




One day training on Parents in Pain and Trauma and a one day course on Healthy Families First



Parents in Pain and Trauma Training (one-day practitioner training) –  February 2019

Healthy Families First (one-day course) – February 2019


These courses will all take place at 2Northdown, Northdown Road, Kings Cross. The days will run from 10.00 to 16.30.

Please see above for more details of training content and sample feedback.


The booking form is available here.




Consultation phone call with Margaret Bankole for leaders and decision makers



A free, no obligation phone conversation to understand the issues faced by your school, church, charity, organisation, service or local authority. 

The consultation should be used to get clarity, map out challenges, and reflect on the way forward for your strategy, workforce and young people.


Email info@margaretbankole.com to request a callback.


For any media enquiries please email info@beaumontmedia.co.uk.

For speaking engagements or any questions related to the availability of book,

please email info@margaretbankole.com or use the form below.

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